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Una semplice firma... per sostenere un grande museo

Nella dichiarazione dei redditi per la Destinazione “5x1000” al Sostegno di Volontariato, indica il Codice Fiscale dell’Associazione : 94048920485 



Founded in 1993 to support the museum after a terrible bombing, Amici degli Uffizi onlus
is a private, independent, no-profit association whose mission is to employ all the funds raised
for the protection, conservation and restoration of the Uffizi Gallery collections, for the promotion
of its cultural and educational activities, and for the encouragement of public awareness
and appreciation through orientation services to assist members and visitors that wish to enjoy this
unique artistic heritage.
Since 2006 the Association is supported by the 501(c)(3) nonprofit American sister-organization
Friends of the Uffizi Gallery, Inc., Palm Beach, Florida.
Gherardo delle Notti
Filippo Lippi
Baccio Bandinelli